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First Five Fragments for Friday and Then Some

1. Leftover coffee does not have the same oomph as the freshly-brewed stuff. Clearly.

2. “Frost on the pumpkin” is an awful cliche when used in poetry but it looks so cool when it actually is there in the back yard.

3. This is the group I’m planning Sunday supper for: one who is allergic to legumes, one who is allergic to fish, one who is lactose-intolerant, one who is a bit sensitive to gluten, one who does not eat red meat. Challenges are a good thing.

4. Why doesn’t a crisp morning equal a crisp mind?

5. If there are crumbs on my dining room table, it does not mean I’m a slob. It means the table actually had people around it.

And your fragments are…..?


This week, Every Day Poets showcased Emily Cutler, a prolific young poet. Today, her interview with EDP staff is published here.

One of EDP’s contributing poets, Jonathan Pinnock, is celebrating the publication of his book, Mrs. Darcy versus the Aliens. Find out more here.

Last weekend, Minneapolis art collective Rogue Citizen performed a live paint at the Voices Gallery in Dubuque, IA, Check it out here.

Anyone else have news of their own writing/art success? Leave a comment.

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