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First Five Fragments for Friday/Do a Kind Thing

This week’s writing prompts/fragments are:

1. Jack Kerouac had a valid point when he said to accept loss forever. So why do we keep those empty hiking boots in the closet and that half-full bottle of brandy that no one else drinks as if the person to whom they belonged will return from the dead?

2. Baby sea otters make everyone smile. Maybe they should be plastered on posters in all places of civil unrest.

3. Getting thanked for anything, anything at all, makes a big difference in how the day feels.

4. I like clouds except when they obscure the northern lights and then they are one big fat annoyance.

5. If one has a 17-year-old daughter, then one is well-acquainted with the term, “mercurial”. And, possibly, the phrase, “Yes, I’ll have another glass of wine.”

And your fragments are…..?


This week was a weird week around our house. Maybe weird isn’t quite the right word. Maybe tragic is a better word. Maybe sad. Maybe frightening.

One of my daughter’s classmates committed suicide last Friday.

There was the usual response from the school: automated calls to families, counselors available, announcements to the students during classtime. And I am horrified to realize that I just said, “the usual response,” as if this happens all the time.

 But it does happen often enough that there is a “usual response”. And I wondered if I would recognize the signs of possible suicidal tendencies if a kid I knew – or an adult, for that matter – exhibited them. Would you?

With that in mind, here’s a link to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention‘s web page of warning signs. [click here] Not everyone who is feeling down can articulate their state of mind, so the kindest thing we can do, sometimes, is to recognize the symptoms and tell people we love that we are there for them.

Stay healthy. Stay in touch.

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