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First Five Fragments for Friday – Five Things to Celebrate This Minute

Are you in a midwinter slump? Chances are pretty good that you are tired of snow or cold or ice or something winter-related if you live in the United States. This is that time of year when spring is still a long way off and the big holidays are over.

What is there to celebrate? Lots, as it turns out. See what today’s writing prompts in the list below do to shift your thoughts.

Five things I’m going to celebrate right now:

1. A warm house with a working furnace

2. Sunshine through the kitchen window

3. The way rotten-looking bananas make the best banana bread

4. Highlighters that don’t bleed through the pages of my books

5. A story that takes my breath away

I am truly grateful, on these days when it’s -10 degrees when it’s time to take the dogs outside in the morning, to have a house with a working furnace. And the angle of the sun seems to be rapidly changing to a more direct shot through my south-facing kitchen window, where I have a bay leaf plant ready to be bathed in that warmer light. The banana bread? Yup, made four mini-loaves of it and gave three away.

Here’s the highlighter I recently found that doesn’t bleed through paper, ever:


Yasutomo Hi-Glider Highlighters are pretty cool. Find them here. Or, if you live in the Twin Cities, go to Patina, where they have a bunch. They’re gel sticks, so they feel different when you put them to paper.

And here’s where I’ve been reading stories that are holding my attention and staying in my head after I finish them:


This book was published by Rose Metal Press in 2014. The idea of novellas-in-flash is fun and one that’s not been overdone. The stories are engaging, the characters are quirky, and the pace is punchy. The book also includes a discussion of the form, so if you aren’t terribly familiar with flash, this is well worth checking out.

Happy Friday. What will you celebrate right this minute?

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