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First Five Fragments for Friday – Happy 2015

Happy New Year!

I am always a little sad the day after the new year has been celebrated. Weeks of parties and gifts and shiny things shift to an introspection that, for me, is a hallmark of deep winter. January in Minnesota is cold, colder, coldest, and holds long nights. And yet there is that slight change in the angle of the sun, that slight lengthening of days which signals awakening. I’ve already noticed that light, that glaring winter sun which reflects off snow, how it pierces the window in a new place, how it softens in late afternoon and pools like paint swabbed on canvas. It’s a beautiful, holy light that fills the dawn of the year. It illuminates those naked tree branches outside my window in such a way that I don’t miss their leaves. Instead, I get to see what lies beneath.

This is what I hold onto in winter. That which lies beneath. That which is laid bare.

This is the introspective state that writers and artists need.

And so, here are the things I think of for writing at the start of 2015. Take whatever you can use for your own work.

1. What do I most want to accomplish this year?

2. How many projects can I reasonably take on?

3. What are some new ways to reach out to the writing/publishing communities?

4. What do I need to sweep from my life that does not support my writing goals?

5. How am I going to fill my creative well?

 With that, I need a new paper journal. These are questions that beg for the requisite slowing down that results from the use of a pen.

All the best in 2015.


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