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First Five Fragments for Friday is Back!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Once upon a time, One Minnesota Writer ran writing prompts every week. Or maybe they were art prompts. Or maybe they were just random thoughts that might spark something else. And they were called First Five Fragments for Friday.

Those fragments were fun. They were kind of goofy. Sometimes they were quite serious. But they always reflected whatever was going on that week, from the ordinariness of finding a parking spot at Target to the distress of watching the evening news, from driving to the next neighborhood for dinner to boarding a plane for a destination across the Atlantic. They might be based on dreams or jokes or animal behaviors or the exhaustion of parenthood, or they might be the last utterances before the end of something momentous.

And now they’re back. First Five Fragments of Friday restarts today. Use them to kickstart something.

  1. When the Titanic struck the iceburg that would eventually sink it, it sent out a CQD signal first, followed by the (then) new SOS call. CQD stood for, “come quick, distress”. SOS doesn’t actually stand for anything, in spite of the backronyms “Save our souls” or “Save our ship”. So calls for help are empty codes, tossed out in the hope that someone responds before it all goes to hell.

  2. “There is no room for indifference in the presence of racism, xenophobia, hate speech and anti-Semitism.” Quote from WWII? Nope. That was from a state dinner in Israel on Wednesday, anticipating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The speaker was King Felipe VI of Spain.

  3. Is this the end of days or just a bump in the road?

  4. Does anyone still have a dashboard Jesus? How about a dashboard Buddha?

  5. If you could use only one word to begin a dinner conversation, what would it be?

Onward to the weekend, everybody.

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