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First Five Fragments for Friday – It’s in the Details

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

Earlier this week, I wrote about my unwavering focus on Little Trees car fresheners, which I saw dangling from the rearview mirror of the car in front of me at a stoplight.

It’s attention to those little details that sometimes turns into a story, a work of art, a statement. Those details can derail a train, down an airplane, change a life. Or they can simply cause a sock to unravel because the wrong thread was pulled. 


Today’s prompts are odd details that may or may not get your attention. Do with them what you will. 1.  The neighbor’s back porch, with the shades rolled up, holds an assortment of items including a black men’s 10-speed bike, a box with “mountain grown Bartletts – 1.50” printed on the side, a green coffee can, a lidless Cool Whip container, a white director’s chair, a white bike helmet, a half-empty bag of Scott’s lawn fertilizer, a coiled green hose, and a pink sweatshirt tossed atop some boxes. 2.  Here is a list of things necessary to manage type 1 diabetes: insulin, an insulin pump or insulin pens, cartridges for the pump or needles for the pens, a blood glucose meter, strips that fit the meter, a lancet and lancet needles to get blood samples, batteries for the meter and the insulin pump, alcohol swabs for the tops of insulin vials, prep swabs for skin before inserting an insulin pump set, glucose tablets in case of low blood sugar, insulated carriers for insulin vials or insulin pens, a clip to hold the insulin pump on a waistband, a checklist for travel so nothing gets left behind, a copy of all prescriptions, and one thing – anything – that helps maintain sanity while managing a chronic condition. 3.  If someone is in the midst of an asthma attack, the skin at the base of their neck seems to suck itself inward while the muscles on the sides of their neck become taut ropes as they try to inhale. The sound of the inhalation is a chorus of odd, faint squeaks. 4.  Has anyone ever bought a lottery ticket based on these numbers?

5.  What is this?

Got enough details to ponder for the entire weekend? Good!

Happy Friday.

Fun Fact for the Week: When was deodorant invented? According to an article on Mental_Floss, the first trademarked deodorant, called Mum, appeared in 1888, and it was actually a paste for the underarm area. Can you imagine putting that in your gym bag?

The scent-obsessed can learn more about that here: Body Odor Through the Ages: A Brief History of Deodorant.

Blame this week’s fun fact on those car deodorizers that probably won’t show up on this blog ever again.


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