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First Five Fragments for Friday - May 15 Edition

First Five Fragments for Friday is your weekly offering of #writingprompts. Use these prompts however you see fit. That's the beauty of prompts - you get to play. Play is good.

1. Mulch is getting dumped in our driveway today. Glorious mounds of wood chips, destined for a path around our wildflower garden. What would you cover up with mulch if you could? What would you protect? What would you turn into mulch if you had the chance?

2. Socially distanced coffee dates are now a thing in my life. Lawn chairs, spaced many feet apart, occupied by friends who live on my block, have turned our driveways into the pandemic version of coffeehouses. Except we are our own barristas. There are no tip jars.

3. Lettuce is sprouting in a big pot on my windowsill. Basil and parsley are sprouting in small pots next to the lettuce. On a chair in the dining room, tomato and pepper seedlings wait their turn to be planted outside. These tiny plants, fragile though they are, make me feel more in control of my own environment and food security. This bit of magical thinking changes my whole outlook.

4. We are still planning our summer vacation: we've never spent the entire night outside in our own backyard.

5. What small beautiful things are hiding right in front of you?

Happy Friday, everyone. Home is still the place to be.

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