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First Five Fragments for Friday: May Day

First Five Fragments for Friday is your weekly offering of writing prompts, art prompts, and conversation prompts.

1. Why celebrate May Day? Workers' rights! Especially, right now, everyone on the front lines of fighting coronavirus, every first responder, every health care professional, every grocery store worker, every delivery person, every hardware store and gas station and tech employee, every plumber and garbage hauler who keeps the rest of us going. And all the workers who are out of work. Someone really needs to celebrate them, too.

2. Why else celebrate May Day? Spring! Flowers - especially ones you leave on your neighbors' doorsteps. What would you choose for your own May Day bouquet?

3. Who else is annoyed at plumbers who show up for a service call without masks on their faces and have none available in their trucks? Good thing ours was working outside because I made it clear he wasn't coming in the house. Never mind that he thinks he already had coronavirus.

4. The whole world ought to be annoyed at leaders of countries who think they can flaunt the public health recommendations everyone else is following for the good of all. Yes, I'm talking about you, Mike Pence, and your mask-less visit to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Glad you wore one later at General Motors in Indiana. Let's not discuss your boss.

5. Back to better things. Spring, flowers, May Day, and little anonymous art canvases (with river rocks as canvases) that have popped up near my house, as in the following photos:

Happy May Day, everybody. May you find something to make you happy today.

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