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First Five Fragments for Friday – New Site Edition

Your weekly offering of writing prompts.

Welcome to the new site, everyone. This week was a big one for change around here, what with leaving Blogger and Tumblr behind to combine my two blogs there into one here at WordPress. This site may get tweaked a bit in the next few weeks until it seems to be just right. In the meantime, no writing prompts shall go ignored.

This week Minnesota was shrouded in fog and hoar frost. Hoar frost is magical the way it changes the world into a fairy tale landscape. As long as change is a theme anyway, this seems like the perfect time to share photos I shot the day before yesterday, when the frost was at its finest. May they be just the thing to prompt a new poem, story, or make you dust off your own camera.

Click on the individual photos below to see larger versions.

Happy Friday, everyone.


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