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First Five Fragments for Friday – Onward Hiatus Edition

Writing prompts to get you moving.

Well, here we are in mid-July already. For me, that means it’s time for my annual hiatus from One Minnesota Writer. Summer cannot be properly experienced from the seat in front of my computer. I have plans, some at home, some not, all of them away from the screen.

So, here is the last list of writing prompts for this summer:

1. You’ve packed your suitcase, arrived at the airport on time, settled into your seat on the plane. You realize you’ve forgotten one thing. What is it?

2. Immerse yourself in a place where you do not speak the language. Where are you?

3. Where is the scariest place you’ve travelled?

4. Friends are coming to stay at your house for a week. What do you miss most while they are there?

5. Where is the first place you slept that wasn’t home?

Hope these do get you moving either in your writing or in real life. For this post, I’ve closed the comments. Happy writing, happy Friday and happy summer!

See you in September.

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