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First Five Fragments for Friday – Poetry Extravaganza

Writing prompts to get you moving.

Need a good poetry craft book to get you moving? You might like The Portable Poetry Workshop by Jack Myers (Boston: Wadsworth, 2005). Here are five things from that book:

An opening should have the force of interest that a first impression has when meeting someone new. (from Chapter 7: Opening, Closing, Titling, p. 249) Think of one of the many snafus typical in our modern culture and write a poem that explores the ethical and moral aspects of that situation. (from Chapter 6: Types of Poems, p. 246) Next to an event in a poem of yours, juxtapose a simultaneous event that parallels or enhances the original event. (from Chapter 3: Connecting Content, p. 82) …the poet is almost always blind to some of the faults in his or her own writing, even if he or she is an excellent critic of others’ work. (from Chapter 9: Troubleshooting and Workshops, p. 299) Try writing a completely new poem by keeping only a small fragment of the poem you are struggling with (from Chapter 8: Revision, p. 297)

Need prompts to go with the above? I can help you with that!

1. Seedlings

2. Half-unpacked moving boxes

3. Headaches

4. Sleeping dogs

5. A violent emotion

Happy writing. Happy Friday!

You can find The Portable Poetry Workshop on Amazon and on barnesandnoble.com

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