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First Five Fragments for Friday – Poetry Prompt Day

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. Today, I’m offering prompts geared toward the poetic. Maybe it’ll inspire a Mother’s Day greeting if you are in need of one.

1. A warm breeze and the smell of rain / flash of lightning in the night sky / the breath as I wait for the rumble

2. That concern for my children no matter how old they are, no matter how long since their heads lay on pillows in my house

3. Thunderstorm at 1 a.m. Curtains puff at the open window. Lightning illuminates sleep-drenched dreams. What is real?

4. Comfort comes in small packages, in spoons full of home-made soup and freshly-laundered towels handed over while still warm from the dryer, in cookies delivered before final exams and text messages late at night when no one else will answer.

5. The long drive home from a job that takes you miles away, radio stations spotty, a dark night sky, and the woman who waits for the sound of your truck when it finally rumbles to a stop at the curb.

I must be feeling pensive. Spring is like that sometimes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who celebrate it. And Happy Friday.

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