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First Five Fragments for Friday – Post-Breakfast Edition

Today, first thoughts were of breakfast with my husband, which hardly ever happens on a weekday. So, writing prompts are a little later and, perhaps, not exactly my first thoughts. Flexibility is a good thing in a writer.

Instead of fragments,  I’m giving you a scenarios. Write what you will.


She: I like these salt and pepper grinders. I like that no one can loosen the top so all the salt spills out when someone uses it.

He: [silent]

She: I love dipping my toast in egg yolk. Yum.

He: Yes, teenaged boys have been doing that for years.

She: What?! Oh. [notices he’s using the salt].


Small child sits in front of huge pancake shaped like Mickey Mouse, but with a sausage face. Whose eyes are bigger?


Couple walking their dog past a prairie garden in front of a house with open windows.

Man: Look at this garden. Plants falling all over each other. Why do people do that? It looks like hell.

Homeowner/gardener behind open window shakes her head and wonders why it’s so important what her garden looks like to this guy who has been known to water his grass when it’s raining out.


Midnight at the apartment complex pool. A teenaged boy waits with his girlfriend for their friends to arrive. One hold an inflatable whale. The other holds an inflatable dolphin. The moon is rising.


Suburbia with chickens. When the rooster crows, do the neighbors really like it or are they being sarcastic?


And your scenarios are….? Summer is waning. Make it good.

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