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First Five Fragments for Friday – Post Op Version

Writing prompts to get you moving.

After a week off from One Minnesota Writer, I’m happy to report that I can breathe better. I had surgery to correct an old broken nose, unblock a nasal passage. Writing and reading on the computer made me feel motion sick, which surprised me. Same with my phone screen. So I slept, watched T.V., read actual paper books. Editing was not an option. Neither was blogging, social media, email.

Since I’m clear that everyone needs computer breaks on a regular basis, this time off didn’t make me terribly sad. Instead, I loved having time to read books. The two I finished lead me to today’s first two prompts:

1. The advantages of sameness

2. The reincarnation of dogs

Wondering about the books that inspired those? The first one is inspired by The Giver by Lois Lowry. This book is from my daughter’s bookshelf and I did not read it at the time she was all excited about it. It’s a quick read, since it’s a YA book, and a good conversation starter. The second is inspired by A Dog’s Purpose by Bruce Cameron. This book is narrated by a dog who is wiser and more compassionate that many people. If you like dogs, this is for you. Bring Kleenex.

The rest of this week’s prompts are:

3. The last thing you see before you sleep

4. Drug-addled memory

5. Suffocation

There’s even a bonus prompt this week since I slept through last Friday:

Optional surgery

One of the things I thought about as I sprawled on our couch over much of this past week was that I wold never elect to have unnecessary surgery. I thought about perfectly lovely people who choose a nose job or some other surgical alteration. That will never be me.

What about you?

Happy Friday. Off to take a deep breath.

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