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I have all kinds of things in my office that serve as creative nudges. Trouble is, when you have an office full of stuff that sticks around day after day, it blends into the background. So, every so often, I dig around in my accumulation of writerly objects and reacquaint myself with their vibes.

It works. And I’ll share.

1. Things hidden in boxes

I don’t have a lot of boxes around here – just a few for back-up photo cds and back issues of magazines I’ve yet to part with. But here is one little box that has been on my shelf for several years and I don’t look inside it very often. Today, I took a peek and rediscovered my “angel cards”. These are fantastic writing prompts and my discovery gave me the idea of pulling a card from the box each morning for the next few weeks, then using whatever is on that card as a prompt for my daily writing.

The bird box

The bird box the sits on my bookshelf

The "angel cards" inside the box

The “angel cards” inside the box

2. Stuff my mom used

On one of my bookshelves, I have my mom’s old face powder container. No, there’s no powder in it anymore; it’s glass with a metal top and it’s been thoroughly cleaned. It’s just an odd little piece that I kept after she died because I remember always seeing it on her dresser when I was a little kid. After she used up the powder that came with it, she kept it to hold assorted tiny things that might come in handy (bobby pins, safety pins, spare earring backs, etc.). I don’t keep anything inside it but memories.

My mom's empty face powder container

My mom’s empty face powder container

3. A Goofy Pez dispenser

When my son was in high school, he worked for a brief time at a place in the nearby shopping mall that sold all kinds of candy. Once, he came home with the mother lode of Pez dispensers and I couldn’t resist this one. Goofy suits me. Goofy is a good stress-buster.



4. Squishy skull

My buddy Andrew bestowed this skull upon me one Halloween a couple of years ago. Squishing it till its eyes pop is the best thing ever. Well, at least until something else comes along to distract me.

Unsquished skull

Unsquished skull

Squished skull

Squished skull

5. Light my fire

Need a spark? Here you go. This dragon came from one of the many art fairs held in the summer in the Twin Cities. He’s just waiting for someone to strike that match.

Dragon awaiting spark

Dragon awaiting spark

What kind of creative nudges are patiently waiting for you to see them as they linger in your everyday space?

Go have a look. Happy Friday.


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