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First Five Fragments for Friday – Prompts for Fiction vs. Prompts for Poetry

This week, I’m doing something slightly different. I’m offering two lists of five things. One list contains poetry prompts; the other, flash fiction prompts.

Why separate the two? Because as an editor who readily agrees that a prompt can be used for either kind of writing, I’m also keenly aware of the differences between poetry and flash fiction. And, since I am writing this post on the heels of a day spent reading submissions in both categories, this different is bouncing around my head like a ping pong ball.  I have to do something about that.

Five poetry prompts:

1. Contemporary imagery trapped within the confines of a sonnet – what does that look like?

2. Honor urban grittiness.

3. Make a case for serial monogamy.

4. Promote the beauty in the daily care of dogs.

5. Offer the response of a parent who embraces imperfection.

Five flash fiction prompts:

1. Give us the creation of one great meal.

2. Tell the story of packing up your parents’ belongings.

3. Make us understand the man on death row who has remorse no one sees.

4. Give us Cinderella’s father’s deathbed thoughts.

5. What about that mother who cannot stand the thought of one more pregnancy?

Happy Friday. That should keep you busy.

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