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First Five Fragments for Friday – Readers Respond Edition

Your weekly offering of writing prompts. Last week,  I asked for readers to share their favorite prompts, hoping we would get some really specific ones, to share in this week’s Fragments. Here they are:

1. Morning tea 2. Memories 3. Write a poem of supplication (from Diane Lockward’s Poetry newsletter) 4. Scent

Thank you to Anonymous, Audrey, Constance, and Elephant’s Child for participating.

Now, let’s look at those prompts. They are broad, they are each general enough that anyone could dig in. What happens if we spawn five more prompts from each one? Then we might get something like this:

Morning Tea 1. My favorite teapot 2. The worst brewed tea I’ve ever tasted 3. The first time I drank tea, I was here: ___________ 4. My mother preferred coffee over tea. 5. If tea doesn’t have any caffeine, what’s the point?

Memories 1. I was a three-year-old in the living room of the house on Polk Street when JFK was shot. 2. It took Dad three hours to drive 34 miles that time we took the Rollinsville Pass as a shortcut through the mountains near Boulder. 3. I can’t remember where I got the dog cloth that looks like an oven mitt, but it’s the best thing ever for cleaning dog paws. 4. Mom talked to people who were dead when she was in the hospital after her stroke. 5. When we had the big Halloween snowstorm, I tromped through snow past my knees to take my son trick-or-treating.

Supplication 1. What have I prayed for lately? 2. To whom have I prayed? 3. The rosary I had in childhood has disappeared. 4. Trees bend in supplication from the force of strong wind. 5. No one should be forced to kneel before their partner.

Scent 1. Baby powder is the scent of innocence. 2. There is no way to fully mask the smell of marijuana, but that didn’t stop the kid from trying by mixing his weed with coffee grounds. 3. My father is Old Spice and cigarettes. 4. During her pregnancy, she could not stand the smell of hamburger as it cooked. 5. Autumn is the scent of drying leaves, freshly carved jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin lattes, and death.

And there you have it – 20 prompts for the price of four responses. Have at it and Happy Friday.

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