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FIRST FIVE FRAGMENTS FOR FRIDAY – revisiting gratitude, talking turkey

Your weekly offering of writing prompts.

As we close in on Thanksgiving here in the United States, we can choose between planning a meal that we love with people who matter to us or setting our alarms to be awake for Black Friday sales. We can choose to express gratitude or to exhibit the height of consumer urgency. We can savor small bites or stuff ourselves to the gills.

What do you choose? Quiet practice or noisy gathering? Being okay with what’s in front of you or rushing to acquire more? Maybe a little of both?

My kids and I are going to make fudge the night before Thanksgiving with the same big wooden spoon we use every year. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be on the television at our house on Thanksgiving morning. I’m going to pour a glass of wine, have dinner with close friends. On Friday, I am sleeping as late as the dogs will let me.

There are some traditions that must be kept, but some get modified as families grow and people must share their time. I’m grateful for my kids who have a sense of balance and fairness, my friends who welcome us, and my community where food is available every single day.

As writers, we have a lot of power to put words out there where other people stay quiet. Maybe one of today’s prompts will urge you to get your activist on.

  1. Five things Americans should be grateful for but usually forget to mention

  2. If turkey weren’t required, I would make ___________ for Thanksgiving

  3. What am I grateful for right this second?

  4. The best place I’ve ever had Thanksgiving dinner was ____________

  5. Who would I like to invite to my table?

Happy Friday. Happy almost-Thanksgiving.

Fun Facts About Turkeys

Male turkeys don’t just gobble. They also purr.

How do you figure out if a turkey is a boy or girl? One way is to look at its poop. That’s right. Males and females drop poop in gender-specific shapes.

Over 45,000,000 turkeys are cooked and eaten on Thanksgiving Day.

Find more fun facts at these two sites:



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