• Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

First Five Fragments for Friday – Saturday Edition

This past week, I spent time in San Diego. I’m married to a scientist who goes to a plant and animal genetics conference held in San Diego every January and, this year, I tagged along. The entire week before we left was below zero in Minnesota, so heading to California was most welcome. We stayed away from the conference site at a place in Pacific Beach called the Blue Sea Beach Hotel. The ocean was right outside the door.

My husband – the guy responsible for the San Diego destination.

Therapeutic. No doubt about it. May the following photos either inspire you to write something or to book a flight.

Sunrise over the community of Pacific Beach

Beach at Del Mar

Harbor seals in La Jolla

Hummingbird at Laguna Beach

A walkway at the San Juan Capistrano Mission

Happy weekend.


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