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First Five Fragments for Friday: Signs

First Five Fragments for Friday is your weekly offering of writing prompts, art prompts, and conversation prompts. Use these snippets to take off in a new direction.

  1. Sign of the pandemic: A face mask dangling from the rearview mirror of a car parked in front of a neighbor's house.

  2. Sign of wildlife: A rabbit's foot left in the middle of the street. No sign of the rest of the rabbit. Unlucky.

  3. Sign of normalcy: The construction crew building a new deck on the back of our next-door neighbor's house.

  4. Sign of gratitude: Paper hearts arcing across the living room window of a house around the corner.

  5. Sign of spring: The box of bare root plants that landed on our doorstep last week and the dirt we churned up just yesterday so those plants have a place to go.

Happy Friday, everyone. Reads your signs well.

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