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First Five Fragments for Friday – Solstice 2014 Edition

Hope is such a slim thing at times, a gossamer ribbon that disconnects at the slightest disturbance. When the news is filled with violence and illness, random attacks designed for mass intimidation, hope sinks beneath the surface, leaves us bereft and confused. We question how our world could get to this state, wonder what we need to do differently even as we fear saying anything aloud.

What an awful feeling to need hope and not see it reflected anywhere.

But this week right before Christmas is my favorite week of the year because this is when hope has a chance. In my circle of family and friends, this week is full of anticipation for good things. Our holiday expectations have neither been met nor dashed, we look forward to exchanging gifts and sharing meals with those we love. Yes, we’ll still talk about the latest cyber attack, disease outbreak, and bombing, but we’ll do it from a position of community, a bolster formed by the celebration of whatever it is we hold sacred.

That is the way in which hope is welcomed back. Every year, we wish each other peace on earth, good will to all. This week, and beyond, let’s concentrate on just how we make that wish a reality, how we keep hope in front of us.

And then, let’s make it happen.

Five peace-promoting actions:

1. Invite someone you don’t know to share a meal

2. Care for someone else’s child

3. Go ahead and roll down your window to give your spare change to that person standing on the corner with a sign

4. Grow a vegetable garden in your front yard and don’t fence it in

5. Say thank you

Happy Solstice

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Kwanzaa



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