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First Five Fragments for Friday – Summer Solstice 2014 Edition

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, an observance I love for its swirling combination of mythology and science. I love the idea of solstices as religious days, days to recognize how the wheel of the year defines our lives. Light, dark, warmth, cold, growth, and slumber. I love the solstice in a more pragmatic way, too, as a gardener who needs to pay attention to the seasons and manage the lives of plants I’ve placed into back yard soil.

The very word, solstice, reminds me to honor the passage of days with something more than the flip of a calendar page. Look at the light! Feel that warmth! Open the windows! This is when the idea of being inside with artificial light and no visible clue as to the season feels completely, utterly wrong.

And, so, this is what I offer to nudge you along in your writing, your art, or whatever else needs a nudge today…an abundance of Summer Solstice fragments.

Five things to love about the Summer Solstice:

1. Lots of daylight

2. School’s out – schedules be damned

3. Nights are warm

4. Beaches are open and water is hypnotic

5. Bare feet are an option

Five things to do on the Summer Solstice:

1. Hike

2. Picnic

3. Go to the local farmers’ market

4. Drink Akvavit (learned from a Swedish acquaintance)

5. Have a bonfire

Five links to Summer Solstice history and lore:

1. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has the scoop on the sun in the sky

2. Oh, someone else does things in fives! International Business Times article, Summer Solstice 2014: 5 Facts to Know About the First Day of Summer

3. From Space.com

4. Thoughts from Psychology Today on solstice rituals

5. And a fun couple of old articles from the British Newspaper Archive

However you recognize it, have a glorious start to summer.

Happy Friday!

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