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First Five Fragments for Friday – the Return

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts.

First five fragments for Friday are back…..fragments, figments, flakes, flashes, and fictions designed to force you to find a pen and paper, a keyboard, a canvas, or whatever you use to put down your ideas, your stories. Okay, maybe not force. Maybe nudge, suggest, finger-wag.

Here we go. Relish in the randomness. Alliteration optional.

1. The trainer was the only man who could tell Kallie to stick her butt out further without getting kneed.

2. “Why the hell can’t we have a glass of wine with corn flakes on Friday mornings?” Mary asked as the dog threw up its breakfast on the carpet, a mere two inches away from the old linoleum, and five-year-old Millie ran out the front door without a stitch of clothing.

3. Father Don really really really didn’t want to be in the confessional when Carter Nelson kneeled down on the other side of the sliding panel and said, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Last night, I finally had it with my wife bad-mouthing my boyfriend.”

4. Ishmael could not for the life of him figure out how he went from living in the desert to appearing in a book where he was surrounded by the sea to a coffeehouse in Minneapolis in 2014. This was exhausting.

5. The chicken appeared in the yard overnight. That it grew to be 10 feet tall by morning caused the stampede of every poultry scientist within a 100-mile radius. Some of them brought barbecue sauce.

Fun Fact for the Week: Writers and artists cannot live on fictitious (or not) fragments alone, so I’m offering an honest-to-goodness fact at the end of each Friday post for the foreseeable future. Sometimes, these will be odd facts that you might not have thought to ask about and you’ll sometimes wonder why I did. Oh, well.

Today’s fact is about banned/challenged books. This fits right in with Banned Books Week, which is drawing to a close as you read this, so we’re starting out with a not-so-odd fact.

What was the first year Banned Books Week was observed in the United States?

Answer: 1982.

Bonus fact: What was one of the most-challeneged books in 1982?

Answer: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

If you look at this list of the top 100 banned/challenged books for the decade 2000-2009, you might be surprised. How many have you read? Did you notice that Slaughterhouse-Five is still on the list, at #46? And human beings are still committing atrocities under the guise of war on a daily basis. (Go read the book if you can’t figure out why that last sentence is there.)

Happy Friday. Try not to be so serious.

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