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First Five Fragments for Friday (the Thirteenth)

1. There is nothing I buy in groups of 13 unless someone at the bakery throws an extra doughnut in my dozen.

2. Since showering with a splint on my arm is awkward, I have rediscovered how soothing baths really are. Bonus?

3. I can watch my kids perform in just about anything and it makes me happy. Except when they each have a gig on the same night at the same time.

4. The story of the busload of journalists that took a wrong turn in North Korea and got to see something less than staged delights me. That they were allowed to leave with their photos astonishes me.

5. When was the last time you let yourself explore the place you stumbled on via a wrong turn? Do you go anywhere without a GPS?

And your fragments are…..?

Happy Friday the Thirteenth. Let yourself get lost.

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