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First Five Fragments for Friday – What November Brings

Your weekly offering of writing/art prompts. November in Minnesota. We begin with the left-over Halloween candy then move to elections, frosty mornings, deer-hunting season, rotting jack-o-lanterns tossed in the garden, and Thanksgiving menus. Holiday decorations appear first in the retail outlets, and then creep closer and closer to our own front doors. We debate whether shopping on Thanksgiving Day itself is a good thing or a horrendous thing, unless we decide we don’t care and pour ourselves another glass of wine. Let people do what they will.

November puts me into a certain mood linked directly to the now-naked trees, the clouds that might hold snow, the sound of the furnace as it kicks in. I stand in front of the window longer, watch the birds as they argue over perches on our bird-feeders. The idea of sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book sounds so much better than it did over the summer.

And so does the idea of writing. Which lead directly to this week’s prompts.

1. The Internet of Things and the idea of magic. What price do we pay for using these tools that appear to be magical?

2. Is Thanksgiving being completely overlooked as a holiday in its own right?

3. Voting. Rights. Pressure to vote. The right to choose not to vote.

4. Chiweenies. Because every list of prompts needs a light moment.

5. A call for your favorite prompts. Tell me your favorite prompt of all time in a comment below, and I’ll post the list next week.

Happy Friday. It’s not just Decorative Gourd Season (heads up, NSFW link), it’s red wine season in this house.

Fun Fact for the Week A 70-foot white spruce from northern Minnesota is on its way to Washington D.C. where it will be ensconced as the national Christmas tree. Go, Minnesota!

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