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Friday Flash Fiction News

Are you a flash fiction writer looking for a new place to send your best work? 

Are you a visual artist who works in small formats who would like to explore a new market?

Are you someone who reads flash fiction and appreciates complementary artwork?

Are you looking for a new community that provides a little fun, provokes a little thought, sends you something you can hold in your hand?

Then I have something for you.

My friend and colleague, Dave Morehouse, and I have launched a new literary magazine called Fine Linen.   Here is our mission:

We plan to offer a quarterly small-format publication that will look different with each issue. It will be small enough to slip in your pocket or purse or backpack, to read and admire wherever you find yourself. There will be surprises. Subscribers will be members of a community of people who care about well-done stories and art, who find a common bond in a unique shared experience. Our website will offer reviews of flash fiction. Our Facebook page will offer occasional updates, as will our Twitter feed

We’ve been having fun meeting via FaceTime video calls to articulate a shared vision and implement a website with guidelines for both artists and writers that will invite those who are looking for a different literary model. Our standards are high. Do not confuse “different” with “amateur”. Dave and I both have clear expectations about literary excellence that we hope anyone who submits to us shares. 

Did I mention we are a paying market? Dave and I have strong feelings about honoring the work that writers and artists do, the contributions they make to the world. Our guidelines, however, are a must-read. We are considering submissions for our inaugural issue right now. Our target for publication is February 2015.

If you find this intriguing, please check out the links I’ve included in this post. We’d love to share our excitement with you.

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