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Give in to the Season

No matter how you feel about the winter holidays, Christmas stuff surrounds us right now. Ready or now, Christmas carols are blaring, lights are twinkling, and retailers are competing in a death match for our attention. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the Winter Solstice are getting almost no attention at the moment. It’s the Christmas rush that rules in the US.

I come from a family who celebrates Christmas.  Today, I’m ready to give in and enjoy it. With so much stressful news competing for attention and so many things we could be worried about, a little Christmas sounds pretty good right now.

The holidays do make me wistful. Nostalgic. Wishing for more time with family and friends. And a little more time free of to-do lists and social obligations. Quiet time, phone off, fireplace on. Shared dinners, feel-good evenings without emails to answer.

A little holiday respite that I’d love to stretch out from here until the New Year.

Nice daydream. I’ll keep it going with some time every day next to our Christmas tree, that wonderful-smelling embodiment of the Christmas season.

How will you keep your holiday spirit going this month?


An ornament my mom made when I was a kid. One piece of nostalgia.


An ornament one of my nephews made when he was little; he’s now a senior in high school. Another piece of nostalgia.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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