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Happy August! The 2016 Road Trip Route Home

Once we admitted that we couldn’t stay at the Pacific Coast forever, we headed back to Minnesota. There was plenty to see along the way:


Mount Hood, Oregon.

1 (1)

Mount Adams, Oregon, way in the distance.

1 (2)

Lampreys through the viewing window at Bonneville Lock & Dam, Oregon. 

1 (3)

Wine, cheese, and music in Hood River, Oregon, which turned out to be one of our favorite places.

1 (4)

Surfing the river in Missoula, Montana.

1 (6)

A visit with my friend and fellow poet Constance Brewer in Gillette, Wyoming.

1 (7)

We also met Connie’s corgis, Max and Merlin, and her partner, Scott.

1 (5)

The touristy lobby decor of the Arbuckle Inn, Gillette, Wyoming.

We weren’t quite done, though. We had one more national park to visit before we landed back on our own doorstep. Next week: The Badlands.

Happy August, everyone! Hope your summer includes fun, travel, and happiness.


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