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Happy Fourth! And Some Summer Reading….

There are those who love to celebrate the Fourth of July: picnics, parades, fireworks. And there are those who veer toward quieter pursuits: solo hikes, deserted beaches, a good book.

I can help you with your reading list if you’re in that last category – the summer issue of Gyroscope Review is now available in both print and PDF formats. Click the cover below for more information.

Gyroscope Review Issue 17-3 cover

Poets in this issue tackled topics of all sorts, especially current affairs – perfect for your Fourth of July consideration. And if you’re wondering where that cover photo came from, I took it when I visited Berlin in the summer of 2015. That shot is part of the East Side Gallery that covers a section of the Berlin Wall. Find out more about that here. Thanks to my co-editor Constance for choosing that photo to grace our cover.

In addition, submissions are now open at Gyroscope Review. My co-editor Constance Brewer and I strongly encourage any poet who is considering a submission to us to read our back issues, read our guidelines, be thorough. If any of the work we publish offends you in some way, then we may not be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if what we publish makes you think, makes you re-read, prompts you to have a conversation, then we might be just your sort of place.

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