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Happy New Year – Here’s to a Creative Life

After a year of feeling a little bogged down with learning how to be a better editor (although I wouldn’t have traded that for anything – I love what I do), I had a breaking open of my head through a recent conversation with a close friend about passion in our lives. What was it we really loved to do? What was it we were putting off? How could we get more activities in our lives that made us feel excited to be here?

I thought about my answers to those questions quite a lot during the month of December.  I thought about the many pieces of writing I have stacked up on my desk that are in various stages of being finished. I thought about other creative outlets I have: cooking, photography, music (other people’s, not mine), gardening. And I thought about how much more I need to learn about all of them. What, exactly, is it that holds me back? How do I break through whatever that is?

And so I’m kicking off 2012 by doing The Artist’s Way again. I’ve been through the work book twice before and found that it’s one of the best kicks in the pants I can give myself. If you’ve never done The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, why not check it out? It presents a way of reclaiming and exploring your creativity, whether your are a writer, painter, photographer, cook, or just plain alive. It shakes up perceptions. It urges new paradigms.

My question for you, then, whoever you are reading this post, is what holds you back? What are you going to reclaim or discover this year?

Join in the conversation.


Here you go:

Where does your vision take you?

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