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Happy Solstice!

This Friday, on the longest night of the year, I’m going to bake cookies with my granddaughter, have dinner by candlelight, and begin my holiday break from all things online.

But before I head off for holiday cheer, I want to share one last shameless suggestion for your holiday shopping: Gyroscope Review‘s 2018 Year-End Anthology: Groundhogs, Crones, & Other Poems, now available on Amazon for $20. The anthology gives you all four issues of Gyroscope Review in one nice, neat, and lovely package, including the special Crone Issue that was very popular this fall. Hard to believe four years ago I was just beginning this adventure with my friend, colleague, and Gyroscope Review co-editor Constance Brewer. We’re really proud of this year’s anthology and hope many of you decide to check it out.

Click here to purchase Groundhogs, Crones, & Other Poems

And with that, I leave you to your own holidays. One Minnesota Writer will return on January 9, 2019.

May your days be merry and bright!

That Santa has been sitting there all day. Maybe I should bark. Yes, I should probably bark.

That dog has been eyeing me all day. I hope someone fed her.

Stay cozy, everybody!

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