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Hello, April - March was the Cruel Month This Year

April is the cruelest month, breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with spring rain.

- excerpt from The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

March was indeed cruel this year, with life as we know it shifting everywhere on this planet. Now that we've been self-isolating at home for a couple of weeks, some of the shock of this enormous change has dulled. We've moved into a different way of inhabiting our space, of doing our work, of finding our motivation.

April might bring some hope. It'll certainly bring more information for us all to consider. Here's to April's promise of renewal.

Today is also April Fools Day

I've never been good at practical jokes, but I am good at brainstorming new projects. And today marks the day that I take my work in new directions that will allow me all the brainstorming I can stand. Not fooling. Not at all!

Gyroscope Review's Fifth Anniversary Issue

Part of this new direction means I'm leaving my position as editor at Gyroscope Review, the contemporary poetry journal I co-founded five years ago with my friend and colleague Constance Brewer. The fifth anniversary issue of Gyroscope Review, available now, is my last. I've gone out on a high note - this new issue is wonderful for its diversity of voices, its commentary on the state of the world (pre-pandemic) and its eerie sense of hope that is a perfect fit right this second. Please have a look at this issue and you'll see what I mean. Poetry can be one of the best balms for whatever is bothering you and one of the loveliest ways to celebrate what is possible. Click on the cover image below to get a print copy of your own.

Moments of ordinary sweetness abound.

I'm closing today with a few little moments of sweetness, of joy, of coziness that have helped me feel less frightened of what lies ahead. My favorite eight-year-old kid, Camille, has learned how to use Facebook's Messenger Kids, which is an app that her parents control. They can see what she sends and to whom, as well as everything she receives. Camille sends me little stickers and greetings every day, and they are always a happy thing. She used the video chat to talk to me. If you're missing your favorite kids, this app is a fun one.

My dog has officially recognized that we are no longer booting her off the couch. Here she is, soaking up every bit of attention:

Be safe, be cozy, read something wonderful.

P.S. The next New Book News is scheduled for April 22. If you have a new publication you'd like to share, please submit it via my contact form HERE.

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