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Holiday Greetings from One Minnesota Writer

With the Solstice just passed, we are heading into the light. But I don’t mind the darkness, the way it wraps around me as I settle into a chair, book in hand, or as I share a glass of end-of-the-day wine with my partner Mick. As a life-long Minnesotan, winter suits me.

This year, with pandemic restrictions changing our holiday celebrations, I embrace winter’s quiet, light candles, snuggle into my favorite sweater. I’m grateful for the holiday gift and cookie exchange with our daughter and daughter-in-law in our driveway on the Solstice; they’ll take our gifts home to their families and we will put the ones they brought here beneath our own tree. On Christmas Day, we’ll open our gifts together via Google Meet. No one will have to climb in a cold car to go anywhere. We will be safe at home and we will still see each other’s beloved faces.

Mick and I are giving each other only books this year, which offers us both a journey into other stories, other places. This is the third year we’ve celebrated Christmas in this way: simple and meaningful to us. During the pandemic, the opportunity to sink into new stories and learn more about the world beyond our backyard is more important than ever.

As 2021 pushes aside this challenging year, I wish for us all to stay healthy and keep our eyes on the path toward a post-pandemic world – a world less divided and kinder than the world of 2020.

Happy holidays to you all. Peace.

- Kathleen

P.S. One Minnesota Writer will return mid-January.

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