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It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon as I write this week’s blog post. This is the kind of spring day when all this wetness is something to be glad for, sustenance for things to come. I have classical music playing, a candle flickering off in the corner of my office. My partner is off in his own office, reading and grading papers.

Minneapolis has been shrouded in purple since the news of Prince’s death on Thursday. There is no ignoring or escaping his memory right now – not that I want to. But every time I try to write anything of any merit for this particular Monday post, it feels trivial in the wake of an artist who was so beloved, so talented, so ours.

So, perhaps it’s okay to simply join in and say farewell to a Minnesota artist who never forgot his hometown, who appealed to a diverse audience, whom we all thought would be here for a while longer.

Celebrate your own art, whatever it is. You don’t have forever to make it.


Memorial outside First Avenue, Minneapolis.


Memorial outside First Avenue, Minneapolis.


Would you like to revisit poetry that was published elsewhere but has since disappeared from sight? Sally Evans’ blog Keep Poems Alive International might be just the thing for you. One of my old poems, Tenacity, which was originally published at Every Day Poets in 2009, is up there now. Have a look.

And Gyroscope Review updated its Book Links Party to include a late entry. Have a look there for some new poetry books that want to be on your bookshelf before National Poetry Month is gone.

One more poetry possibility that is perfect for today: Pray, Pray, Pray: poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night, by E. Kristin Anderson. Chapbook, $9.50, published by Porkbelly Press.

Photos by kcmickelson, 2016.

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