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In the Company of Good Writers

I’m pleased to announce the publication of two of my poems in the latest issue of The Linnet’s Wings.

And I’m in the company of some wonderful writers, including fellow Gyroscope Review editor Constance Brewer and former Every Day Poets colleague Josh Colwell. There are also several poets I had the pleasure of working with when I was at Every Day Poets: Marion Clarke, Máire Morrissey-Cummins, Nick Bowman, Ron. Lavalette. One of my poems shares a page with Máire’s artwork and that delights me.

My friend, fellow writer, and former Every Day Poets co-editor Oonah Joslin was the poetry editor for this issue. Her editorial on Ron. Lavalette’s poem in this issue is a must-read.

I hope you’ll check out this issue of The Linnet’s Wings. It’s a beautiful publication. In addition to the digital copy, you can order print copies here.

Happy reading.

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