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Let's talk about Portals by Laura Grace Weldon

What I'm reading this week.

Recently, I've been catching up on some reading when I'm not outside digging around in our garden. And my favorite book this week is poet Laura Grace Weldon's Portals.

I'm savoring this book, so am writing this while I am only halfway through it. I sat down yesterday and read a little more than the first half. Every time I turned a page, I had to sit for a minute and digest what I'd just read. The poems, without fail, celebrate love, family, wonder, nature, curiosity, attention to the miraculous ordinary. Like this:

Hot coffee on desk,

fingers on keyboard,

holding 8 am's daily delusion

my to-do list can be done

when a tiny flying insect hovers

over my hand, lands on the letter J,

walks hair-thin legs onto my finger where

it appears to tune an invisible instrument.

It is beautiful, as all seen creatures are....

from "Hot Coffee Regret"

Old sewing notions, cows, grandchildren, puddles, emergency rooms, marriage, and more all appear in these poems, their offerings all equally important in a life. Everything that surrounds us is a potential teacher, a potential gift, and an opportunity for generosity.

Everything that surrounds us is also an opportunity to do better. Like this:

I recall a night drive when small, startled by

my face mirrored in the back seat window,

aware for the first time

lit windows meant people

were home in their own lives,

their untold stories more vital

than my cherished library books....

from "Night Bus Back From DC Protest"

And right this minute, a poem that resonates for me as I shift into outdoor mode after our long, fear-filled winter is this:

Wild pushes back every moment.

Coyotes thrive in our cities, spiders patrol our homes,

plants cued to correct soil deficiencies spring up

where needed, though we call them weeds.

Our own beings less alive apart

from union we're called to with every in-breath,

every mouthful, every primal need we obscure

behind window and door, inside clothes and shoes....

from "Wild Calls Us Into Being"

This collection is just the thing right now. It looks at what we are going through in this pandemic time while offering the reminder that what we need is here at our fingertips.

I'm so glad I bought this book last week. When I get done savoring the second half, I'll read it all again.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Find out more about Portals by Laura Grace Weldon (Middle Creek Publishing, 2021) HERE.

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