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The month of May keeps making me pause, sniff the air for that spring scent of soil-moss-rain-rotted leaves-first flowers, check what’s coming up from the garden dirt. I listen to hear which birds chatter, then follow the sounds to see if someone is nesting in one of our birdhouses. I feel happy when I see a little kid with a big smile running full-speed in the warm air, or an older person who can no longer run but has come to understand the value in not rushing through the beauty of everything.

Spring is when I fall in love with the world all over again.

So it’s completely fitting that I’m reading one of the books Mick gave me for Valentine’s Day and finding echoes of this love for the world. The book is Nine Horses by Billy Collins, a poetry collection published in 2002. Mick originally gave me a different Collins book, unwittingly duplicating one I already have on the bookshelf in my office. I showed him where I shelve and stack my poetry books for future reference, and then back to the bookstore he went, coming home later with Nine Horses. And I know why he chose this particular poet. A couple of years ago, I asked Mick to come with me to hear Billy Collins read at a local bookstore. Mick was perhaps a little surprised to discover he liked what he heard. He liked that Billy Collins has a sense of humor.

But back to the book. From the first poem, I recognized my own springtime this-world-is-an-amazing-place gratitude all over Collins’ ordinary words set down in extraordinary ways. This book was just what I needed on a spring day like yesterday that stayed gray, dropped rain, fed the garden.

Aimless Love, one of the poems from the book, perfectly sums up the feeling I’m talking about. Follow the link below and have a read. Then step outside and embrace everything.



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