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Monday Writer-ish Ramblings

Today I have a couple of things to share with the writers among you. (Readers, too, of course.)

Gyroscope Review‘s first anniversary issue has been well-received thus far. Now that this issue is live and available for your reading pleasure, that also means that Gyroscope Review is reopened for submissions. What are we looking for? For our summer issue, we want you to read our guidelines. We want contemporary poetry that suits a summer mood, plumbs current world affairs, throws a lightning bolt at our heads. We want you to take a look at past issues to see what we’ve published so far, how we’ve evolved as a literary magazine. And then we want you to send us no more than four of your best contemporary pieces that have appeared nowhere else. We respond within the reading period, so you will have an answer on your work by June 15. Simultaneous submissions are okay as long as you remember to tell us if your work gets accepted elsewhere before we get to it.

You know what else Gyroscope Review wishes for during the month of April? To hear from anyone who has had a book of poetry published in the past year. If that is you, then email us at gyroscopereview@gmail.com with a link to your book’s information. Include a jpg of the cover. We are putting up special Book Links Party posts in honor of National Poetry Month. Here’s a link to our first one: Book Links Party. The idea is to share as many good poetry books as possible, spread the love in this community of readers and writers, give kudos to hardworking poets who seldom get rich from this gig.

And I have one more thing to share. Gyroscope Review held its first virtual happy hour on Friday, April 1, on Facebook. That was fun and we hope to do it again, with a little more notice next time so more people can join in. During that happy hour, we heard from UK-based poet Sally Evans, who runs a little site called keeppoemsalive.  The idea here is to post poems that have already been published (at least three years ago) that the poet would love to put before readers’ eyes again. If that sounds like something you’d like to be part of, email Sally at sallyevans35@gmail.com.

And that’s all for now! Happy Monday, everyone.

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illustration courtesy of skeeze at Pixabay.com

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