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New Book News for October 28, 2020

Welcome to New Book News, an occasional feature here at One Minnesota Writer to celebrate my fellow writers' successes. Even Frankenstein is getting in on it this month. Books are great treats! Click on the book titles in the descriptions below to find out more or make a purchase.

AmericanMental by Mike Jurkovic. Luchador Press, May 2020. Poetry. $13. From the author: From the edge of the Anthropocene…AmericanMental: a dissonant, thrash state of disunion, dismantlement, dissolution. AmericanMental (n) an indictment of a failed system; a moral bankruptcy. Inert, impotent, pundit-weary. AmericanMental: a throwback; a dead end dicto-democracy in free-fall. In disarray. In full view. AmericanMental: revolution is in all our hands. www.mikejurkovic.com

Nothing More to Lose by Carolyn Martin. The Poetry Box, January 2021. Poetry chapbook. $12 ($10 pre-order discount through December 1, 2020.). From the publisher's website: Nothing More to Lose is an intense, hair-raising, and hopeful account of one family’s resilience and faith. With poems based on Therese Kolbert Dieringer’s autobiography (My Life – Lived and Remembered: A journey across Hungary, Germany, and America), Carolyn Martin tracks the Kolbert family as they escape from Hungary in 1944, endure seven years of starvation and sickness in Germany, and arrive to a new life in America in 1952. Refugees who know neither the language nor landscape, they finally find some semblance of peace in their new home. Find out more at https://thepoetrybox.com/bookstore/nothing-more-to-lose or at the author's website https://carolynmartinpoet.com.

ENOUGH "Say Their Names …" Messages from Ground Zero to the World edited by Ronald Montgomery. Bob Hill Publishing, LLC, October 31, 2020. Photography/Poetry/Prose, $29.The remarkable Board-up artwork and photography in ENOUGH "Say Their Names …" comes directly from the protests around the United States. Incisive poetry and prose by a diverse team of eight writers provide historical perspective and expand on the protest messages of the decade—alive, multiplied and amplified in 2020. Poet Nikki Giovanni writes, “As much as this may make you angry or, in reality, hurt your heart. . . .You will not get ENOUGH of the truth.” For more information, visit https://enoughsaytheirnames.com/ or contact Ronald Montgomery at enoughgoodtrouble@gmail.com.

Another New Book News is planned near the end of November. Maybe by then, we'll know who our next president is. Fingers crossed. It's been a very long four years.

Stay safe, everyone. And read on.

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