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New Book News for September 23, 2020

Welcome to this month's New Book News, a place for writers to announce recently- published or soon-to-be-available books and chapbooks. New Book News is designed to foster community and lift writers up. Sharing news for other writers is one of the core values here at One Minnesota Writer.

Click on the link included for each publication to find out more, or to purchase or pre-order a copy. One Minnesota Writer does not receive compensation from the sale of any of these publications.

Trauma Suture by Melissa Eleftherion. above/ground press, April 2020. Chapbook, $5. From the author: Trauma Suture uses erasure to excavate small truths & reconstruct identity. This book works with two texts: Indexing by Seanan McGuire, and Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. Most of the erasure or remixed poems were created using a single page of text. For more information, visit the above/ground press page HERE.

Hallelujah Science by Kelli Stevens Kane. Spuyten Duyvil, October 20, 2020. Poetry, $15. "Hallelujah Science comes at you like a muted fever and suddenly you find yourself wanting to stomp and shout. Kane's level of insight, revelation, and economy becomes a spiritual exodus to the lands of being Black, white, a poet, a woman, a shadow, and a human being…Welcome to the science of living as a celebration to be questioned, laughed at, examined, and cut with verse so exact that you have to be willing to bleed to live." — Willie Perdomo, The Crazy Bunch, winner of the New York City Poetry Award. For more information, visit Spuyten Duyvil HERE.

The Burning Where Breath Used to Be by Jen Karetnick. David Robert Books, September 2020. Poetry, $19. From the author: A candid book of poems about faith, feminism, and family, The Burning Where Breath Used to Be also addresses social justice and pop culture in America’s past and present. Through the clarity brought by chronic illness and the hindsight that comes from the death of an estranged sibling, it questions what kind of foundations that Jewish women can hope to build in this country as well as the legacies that they might aim to leave. Poet, writer, and crip-lit activist Jillian Weise says, "This is a remarkable book." For more information, visit David Robert Books HERE or Amazon HERE.

Self-Portraits, part of the Delphi IX collection, by Susanna Lang. Blue Lyra Press, October 2020. Poetry, $13.99. In Self-Portraits, Lang spotlights the work of twenty-three women artists. Here, poets, designers, and more revel in “this power to make new things” from war, grief, poverty, dailiness, alienation. “Constant and unforgiving, Unwilling to turn away,” Lang’s is a piercing light. She “does the work of earthworms, breaks the image down, so you see the form that burns.” These viscerally moving poems will sear your memory. “The room hums with their voices / like a church where the organ has just finished playing.” Bask in this music and be born. --Angela Narciso Torres, author of To the Bone, and What Happens is Neither. For more information, visit Amazon HERE.

The Art of Pi Luna: A collection of original paintings and short stories by Pi Luna. Pi Luna Press, LLC, July 20, 2020. Fiction/art, $25. From the author: What if art can change the way you think? What if it could give you a deeper meaning? Every piece of Pi Luna's art tells a story of transformation. Knowing the backstory makes the art meaningful. She combines visuals with the written word to give you an authentic connection with the art. The paintings explore our mindset so we can overcome obstacles, find courage in challenging times, deepen our connection to the Earth and sustainability, and become resilient. You can apply the lessons and insights to your own life. For more information, visit pilunaart.com.

Bad Tourist: Misadventures in Love and Travel by Suzanne Roberts. University of Nebraska Press October 1, 2020. Essays/Nonfiction, $19.95. From the publisher: Both a memoir in travel essays and an anti-guidebook, Bad Tourist takes us across four continents to fifteen countries, showing us what not to do when traveling. Fearlessly confessional, shamelessly funny, and wholly unapologetic, Roberts offers a refreshingly honest account of the joys and absurdities of confronting new landscapes and cultures, as well as new versions of herself. For more information, visit University of Nebraska Press HERE or Word After Word Bookshop HERE.

Continuity by Norma C. Wilson. Gyroscope Press, September 15, 2020. Poetry chapbook, $14. These poems, created during the pandemic of 2020, "...express the love of nature and the music of words that I felt in my childhood and feel more deeply today," per the author's introduction to this collection. This is Wilson's fifth book of poetry and the first publication from the new micro-press Gyroscope Press. For more information, visit Gyroscope Press HERE.

Happy reading, everyone. The next New Book News is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

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