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New Feature Coming! The Angel Card Experiment

It’s time for something new on One Minnesota Writer.

I’m delighted to announce the Angel Card Experiment, a new weekly feature that will run each Tuesday, beginning on February 10, 2015.

What, you may wonder, are Angel Cards? If you saw my post on prompt props yesterday, then you had a little introduction to the idea of Angel Cards. I’ll explain.

Several years ago, someone gave me Angel Cards as a gift. They are a creative tool to spark thoughts for journaling, artwork, whatever, in the form of one-word prompts. Some people use them for meditation. When I Googled them just now to see where they can be purchased, I got all kinds of hits (some of which are for other things altogether, but that’s life online), so I know these sweet little cards are still around.

What am I going to do with them here? I’m going to demonstrate writing prompts in action. Every Tuesday, I’ll pull one of the cards from the pile and write a post from it. One Minnesota Writer has offered up prompts for anyone to use for a long time; seldom have I used my own prompts to offer a demonstration of how to take an idea forward.

I figure it’s time. Let’s see what we can do together. Take my Tuesday Angel Card prompt, see what I do with it, then make it your own. Or, alternatively, ignore what I do with it until you have had your own shot at that day’s word. Then come back here and share your results. Have a conversation. Lurk, even.

Make this your weekly writing experiment. The Angel Card Experiment is open to all. Share this post with the writers you know (especially those who are writing just for themselves).

Let’s fill some pages. Oh, and the First Five Fragments for Friday will still be a thing, just a lot more random than the Angel Card Experiment.


See you on Tuesday.

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