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Not Watching the News

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I am, however, reading it on occasion. The news, that is. A survey of headlines, a gulping down of first paragraphs, a cursory glance at photos. Actually hearing the voices of assorted public figures is not helping my health right now. Probably not yours, either.

My husband might disagree that I’m not watching the news. It’s true that I turn on our local news fairly often, but I’m mostly listening to the weather. Is it going to snow? How cold will it get? Do we have enough gas for the snowblower? And what is on my calendar for those times when the thermometer dives below zero?

This is part of my December mood. I’m not blissfully unaware – one would have to be buried beneath an avalanche somewhere to not know Democrats and Republicans have moved to opposite sides of a table too large to reach across or that Trump will neither admit to anything he’s done wrong nor tell the truth. But, damn it, I need my holidays. Pretty sure I’m not alone here.

And, so, that’s my focus for a little while. Holidays, lights, food, family, friends, warmth. And Truffles the dachshund, who is recovering nicely from her recent head-to-head spat with a car. She is one tough little dog.

Know what else takes attention away from bad news? Poetry. Glad you asked.

The Gyroscope Review year-end contemporary poetry anthology, From Newborn Stars to Old Woman Moon, is now available on Amazon. This special print-only edition includes all four 2019 issues of the review and will look great on any bookshelf in any style of decor. You can purchase a copy HERE. I’m proud to have had a hand in bringing this poetry collection into being.

Friend and colleague Constance Brewer recently released her short-form poetry collection, Piccola Poesie. This charming little book with bite-sized poems on all sorts of topics is a wonderful stocking stuffer and is also available on Amazon HERE.

Another friend and colleague, Oonah V Joslin, came out with a lovely poetry collection a couple of years ago that is still available as well. You can find her book, Three Pounds of Cells, HERE. This collection will let you smell the salty air of the seaside, travel to the city lights, embrace the warmth of a good marriage.

And this year we bid farewell to fellow editor Dave Morehouse’s Postcard Poems & Prose site. Have a look at the many short works published there before the site goes dark. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks to Dave for publishing some of my short fiction there: Red Sky at Morning, A Shot in the Light, Half-Baked, and Crumpled.

Now, pardon me while I go make a fresh cup of coffee and settle in for a good read of not-news.

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