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Odds and Ends: Submissions, Galleries, Markets

Spring break does things to me. So does getting a new vehicle. Put both those things together and you have a blogless couple of weeks.

My bad. This is exactly what a decent writer is not supposed to do: give the writing schedule a boot in the behind. But, damn, it felt good to do just that.

So, in my post-St. Patrick’s Day stupor and my pre-Friday-night-gallery-opening anticipation, here I am.

If you’re not in a spring break frame of mind, consider submitting to Every Day Poets‘ latest call for submissions. EDP is looking for poetry to go with the July issue’s How to Handle Explosives Week. There is a perk: the seven poets whose work is chosen for that week will be offered more space for their bios and the opportunity to say something in-depth about their writing process. Who doesn’t like to be showcased? The deadline for this particular call for submissions is May 1, 2011. Standard EDP guidelines do apply; go here for more information (scroll down to the special announcement).

If you’re in Minneapolis tonight, treat yourself to an art gallery event: Rogue Citizen, a group of four Minneapolis artists who specialize in live painting and edgy social commentary, will be at the opening reception for their new show, Execute Rogue Citizen, at Gallery 13. Given all that’s been going on in the world lately, this show is just the thing to nudge your social conscience to action. And the art’s pretty good. I have a personal connection. You’ll definitely want to return for R/C’s closing reception when all unsold art will be executed. (That’s right. Executed. Follow your curiosity.)

If you’re in submission mode, find your next market via Duotrope. Duotrope has market for both poetry and prose with links to any publication you’re interested in. If you create a free account, you can also track your submissions. They take donations to keep going; well worth it.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, it’s the last Friday of spring break. Gotta get out of my chair.

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