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Odds, Ends, and Collaborations

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time shoveling thanks to a finicky snowblower and the latest round of several inches of new snow. Seems the Twin Cities got most of its annual snowfall over the past 10 days. And there were other tasks to be done, conversations to be had, and somewhere around 5 p.m. I realized I had forgotten to prepare today’s post.

However, I was sitting on the perfect news to share. A little challenge, even. Over at Gyroscope Review, where I am one of the editors, we are looking for participants in our collaborative poetry event, The Quatrain Project, in honor of our fourth anniversary as a contemporary poetry journal.

For the entire month of February, poets and poetry lovers are invited to contribute a line of poetry to this giant collaborative poem through our website. Simply go to The Quatrain Project HERE and leave your line of poetry in a comment, building on the lines that came before yours. Make sure that your full name is in the comment somewhere because, at the end of February, all of us at Gyroscope Review will take all those comments in the order in which they appear, break them into quatrains or four-line stanzas, and publish the results in our Spring 2019 issue which comes out on April 1. April, by the way, is not only our fourth anniversary, but it is also National Poetry Month in the US, so we could not think of a better way to honor both of those things in our spring issue than with this mingling of as many voices as possible.

Just a reminder – Gyroscope Review is a contemporary poetry journal, so Old English language or other dated words may not be your best choice for lines contributed. Lines must be in English. We monitor for obvious pornographic material, hate language, and links, all of which will be removed. The rest is up to you.

Now, who has a great line just waiting for a home?

Check out back issues of Gyroscope Review HERE or purchase our Winter 2019 issue HERE

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