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One Minnesota Thanksgiving

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the looming holidays. Hasn’t everyone? That is, when we’re not watching the latest news report about ISIL or Ferguson or ebola or snow.

Yes, there’s quite a lot to think about besides turkey. Still, the abundance of bad news has nudged me to think about Thanksgiving a whole lot more. I know that gratitude is trendy, that the movement to say kind things and change the culture of griping shifts with the season. And, damn, it feels very nice to pore over recipes and decorating ideas, revisit the boxes of holiday ornaments, make plans for getting a Christmas tree in our house this weekend. It feels lovely to sit in front of a truly sappy Hallmark Channel holiday movie while flipping through non-news magazines. And it feels just right to say thank you here to a few creative colleagues who are also friends.

So, thank you, Oonah Joslin, for a multitude of things: hosting my husband and me at your home in April; being my mentor at Every Day Poets; nudging me to submit work to The Linnet’s Wings; putting my poetry up on your blog.

Thank you, Dave Morehouse, for corralling me onto your staff at Fine Linen where you’ve given me room to brainstorm with you on a whole new way to do a literary journal, educating me about Michigan’s UP, and not minding that I don’t really do crafty things.

Thank you, Constance Brewer and Jeff Jeppesen, for the brewing collaboration on a new poetry journal that is going to be stunning, your pithy emails, and your willingness to come to Minneapolis for AWP next year. And mittens. Constance makes great mittens.

Thank you to my own son, Shawn Hennessey (Dalsen), who, as an artist himself, has the most amazing discussions with me about creative stuff and never fails to inspire me.

It isn’t always easy to have a lifestyle built around a creative career and these are a few of the people in my life who know that the best. They aren’t, by any means, the only people I’m thankful for, either. But right now, for this moment, I honor these creative friends and colleagues who are part of the circle of artists of all kinds that help make sense of this world, share its beauty, and challenge its insanity.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

One Minnesota Writer will be back on Friday, December 5, 2014.

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