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One Minnesota Writer is Moving to Wednesdays

Happy New Year! Are you feeling rested and refreshed or still in a post-holiday funk?

I’m going with rested and refreshed; we kept our holidays pretty low-key and took time to curl up with books and movies between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Time to read for fun is a rarity at our house – one of us is always reading something we need to read for whatever we are working on, or we’re reading newspapers which are no fun at all right now. Reading something completely disconnected from what I usually do – which happened to be A Dog’s Journey by Bruce Cameron and In His Genes by Robin Stratton, as well as several back issues of The New Yorker – felt wonderful. Movies included All the Money in the World and Darkest Hour. And a rerun of Dodgeball, as well as A Christmas Story because we can’t have holiday time without that one. And there was cooking, lots of leisurely, simple cooking accompanied by bottles of wine. Lovely, blissful downtime. Everyone needs it.

And now it’s time to get back to work. Here at One Minnesota Writer, I’ll be moving my weekly posts to Wednesdays beginning this week. Come on back in two days for more.

Glad you’re here!

Todays’ Bonus:

At Gyroscope Review, weekly writing prompts for poets are posted every Sunday on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Yesterday’s prompt was ICE. If you’re in need of a little nudge every once in a while, this is for you.

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