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Past Road Trips

In summer, my thoughts always turns to road trips. Always. It’s been bred into me; my parents always took two-three weeks off in the summer, packed up the car, picked a direction on the morning we headed out. As an adult, I haven’t had the luxury of doing a road trip every summer, but I have had plenty of chances to travel. And by that I mean getting on an airplane and, often, leaving the country. So, no complaints here.

But road trips are their own beast. (Oh, how close I came just now to saying they are their own vehicle. Gah!) And I find myself reminiscing about old favorites.

Today’s old favorite is our trip to Yellowstone the summer I was pregnant with my daughter, Abby.


Here I am, seven months pregnant, hiking near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. I was neither speedy nor compact.


My husband and son dealt with the stench from the Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone.


Shawn and I were happy with our cabin in Gardiner, Montana.


We came across a female moose near Yellowstone Lake.


We’ve long told Abby she has been to Yellowstone; she just had an obstructed view.

Memories like this are exactly the things to be made in the summer. May the road stretch before you, open with endless possibilities. Happy Memorial Day.

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