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Photo Fragment Tuesday

(all photos by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson)

Welcome back. Photo Fragments for Creative Flow will now be known simply as Photo Fragment Tuesday. What was I thinking with that earlier mouthful? Oh, well; revision is one of my reasons for being.

And I would like to wish Every Day Poets a very happy third birthday. If you haven’t visited Every Day Poets, an international online poetry journal, now would be a great time. The site delivers a daily dose of short poetry and I have the privilege of being one of the editors. The team includes people from all over the world who donate hours and hours of their time every month to read through submissions and choose the best for publication. The table of contents for November is on the site today, so go see what you think. You can also check out our submission guidelines here: http://www.everydaypoets.com/submit-story/

Happy November 1.

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