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Photo Fragments for Creative Flow

Welcome to a new feature at One Minnesota Writer.

Photo Fragments for Creative Flow is designed to offer visual prompts for those of you who find word prompts to be the wrong kind of thing to spark your work. Or, perhaps, some days, pictures work better than words to get you moving. Whatever the reason, there will now be weekly photo prompts on One Minnesota Writer.

Why do I call these prompts fragments? Because they are taken out of their original context, broken away from whatever body of work they were originally in, or they are only a small frame of detail from a larger vision. They are ready for you to use in your own context, your own vision.

I work with poetry. That work has deepened my own interest in the details that stick with us, the snippets that get our attention and resonate in some inner place. The fragments of our lives become the springboards for all kinds of thoughts, action, and creative endeavors. Details matter.

So, enjoy this new feature. Use it. Pass it on.


All photos by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson.

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