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Photo Monday – Details

I’m thinking about details today – the small things that we may or may not see, but once noticed, hold their own sort of beauty. And I’m thinking about what prompts any of us to write or make other art. For me, travel offers a vast buffet of prompts and images that keep me going for a long time.

So, today, since summer in Minnesota is road trip season, I’m revisiting the trip I took with my partner Mick last summer. We drove across North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, then headed south into Oregon where we turned around and headed back with additional stops in Wyoming and South Dakota. Among the hundreds of photos I took are several images of smaller things, those details that make me look twice.

Perhaps one of these will spark something for you. If not, you could always pack your bags and head out. Enjoy.

Feral Horses at Dusk

Wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit – one of my favorite images from our 2016 road trip. The way the colt rubs his chin on his mother gets me every time.

wild flowers on rock

Wild flowers from Theodore Roosevelt National Park, doing their best to survive in harsh conditions.

dung beetles

Dung beetles in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I almost missed them, but saw something move out of the corner of my eye as I hiked along one of the trails. They are industrious little creatures.

window in rock face

Also from Theodore Roosevelt National Park – a natural window in the rock face offers another perspective on things.


A bobolink sings its heart out in the rain in Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit.

rattlesnake warning sign

The rattlesnake warnings we came across in the Dakotas and Montana didn’t stop us from getting out of the car. And we never saw any snakes. I’m sure they were avoiding us.

marmots near Pompeys Pillar National Monument

These marmots snuggled together on a rock near Pompeys Pillar National Monument in Montana. 

Butte Breweing Company windowsill

These bottles lined the windowsill at Butte Brewing Company, Butte, Montana.

Come back for more details next week when I dig into photos from the Pacific Northwest.

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